arch'it papers 00 / architecture

arch'it - pier vittorio aureli / ma0 / walter aprile, stefano mirti, luca poncellini / ugo rosa / adrien sina / introduction by marco brizzi / contemporary architecture / italian, english / 88 pages / softcover / 21 x 17 cm / color illustrations / 15,00 / 2005 / isbn 88-9014579-X

arch'it papers 00 is an anthology of writings that originally appeared on arch'it web magazine and are now published in a book format in italian and english to form an international sample of the ten year long activity of cultural promotion of the florence based magazine. the publishing of material born for the web is not a simple transcription in a different format but is part of a larger project of multiple re-readings of the texts and projects promoted by the magazine. arch'it papers 00 is the first of a series of books that will be curated each time by a different editor who will be free to dig into the vast storage of ideas of arch'it and offer his/her personal selection. the selection could be based on the common link to a specific theme or on the purpose to relate already known texts in an unexpected way or to publish them with a different editing. by adapting a different code, every reading shifts the original meaning and therefore successive books don't aim at fixing the web original material but rather at re-writing it in a modified format, revealing new and unexpected sides of it. a discoursive practice is born where the material of the web is never archived but moves through multiple lives. between the dynamics of web publication and the editing of the book a critical relation is established, a relation based on the continuous re-writing of the material. writing becomes an infinite practice. arch'it papers 00 privileges the written word with texts that escape the logic of an assumed specialised architectural criticism. it's an anthology where the writing on architecture becomes meta-text opening on multiple narratives. music essays, art fiction and digital culture, travels through imaginary museums, streams of consciousness facing a blank sheet of paper, biological explorations. architecture, the writing of architecture speaks of something else, becoming allegory, sampling, elliptical fiction, paraphrase of existing texts. different contemporary literary practices are represented here: they show how arch'it has been innovative in the promotion of a different way of writing architecture.

issue number 00 / in collaboration with DADA spa and iMage


image by adrien sina, 2005


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