john beech works 1989 - 2004 / on art

essay by gabriele kübler / english / 100 pages / softcover / 21 x 24 cm / color illustrations / €18,00 / 2005 / isbn 88-9014576-5

the book presents john beech artworks of the last fifteen years, recently on a big one-man exhibition at the stiftung für konkrete kunst in germany

john beech's things do not work. the containers do not move anything, instead of being made of the required metal they consist of thin plywood, frail light blue acrylic glass, or fragile insulating board. road bumpers are made of plaster rather than concrete, wheels do not turn, are suspended in air, or obstruct each other. something that drives you mad in real life becomes rather appealing here, the pointlessness, the system error, some things' refusal to perform a task. beech's objects are animated by their inner contraddictions. this artist has an extraordinary sensibility for polarities. we observe, appraise, re-examine, re-evaluate our judgement, and come to no conclusion. the thing does not work and that is exciting, activating our imagination, our perception and thinking gabriele kübler


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