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ausstellungen bei konrad fischer / konrad fischer galerie, düsseldorf, november 1992- oktober 2007 / on art
with an introduction by rudi fuchs and a roundtable discussion with alexander alberro, sabeth buchmann, dorothee fischer, barbara hess and egidio marzona / english german / 216 pages / softcover / 21 x 27,2 cm / full color, ca. 210 ill. / 24,80 euro single / 2007 / isbn 978889020596-5
the book offers a detailed index of all exhibitions at konrad fischer galerie in düsseldorf since october 1992; it has been released on the occassion of the 40th anniversary of the gallery and it is the 2nd volume of exhibitions; together with the 1st volume the entire program of the gallery from 1967 until the present is now fully documented.