eva hesse: visible and invisible inventions / on art
essay by naomi spector / english german / 48 pages / softcover / 16.5 x 24 cm / color and bw ill. / € 15,00 / 2007 / isbn 978-88-9020591-0

the book presents eva hesse's artwork, an original text by naomi spector, a writer and close friend of hesse at fischbach gallery in new york

hesse’s ability to render meaningless what we think of as the most rational, objective, and dependable of concepts is an indication of the power of her irony; and as such it is utterly typical of her work’s abundant extreme opposites: order/disorder, tragic/funny, huge/delicate, hard/soft; the circle is a whole/the circle is a hole. in its rhythmic accumulations, hesse’s inventions-like bach’s and stravinsky’s-continue to clasp us, to connect us to it and to each other. naomi spector


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