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nausea & euphoria / books by artists
patrick meagher / photography and poem by the artitst / english / 40 pages / softcover / 28 x 21 cm / 34 colour illustrations / 19,00 / 2003 /

a selection of photographs of architecture, landscape and outdoor space that is grouped by its emotional potential, rather than just by its subject matter. the text at the end of the artist book sets a reference point to a polarity of moods in transition experienced by the artist during the taking of the photos. these moments were experienced at various critical instants of capturing an image; resonating with a composition that somehow carries expressive potential beyond its representations or abstraction of the space. the photos were taken in cologne, london, basel and other cities in switzerland and germany, but the architecture is both local and globally neutral in many ways. the general absence of a ground plane or recognizable street signage further distances the images from a single localizable place, which helps focus on the space aspects of the image, and the emotional qualities of the geometric volume conveyed by the angles, colors, and minimal compositions. the images have also been digitally distilled through the cleaning-up and elimination of some detail and distractions, but in general the photos are not altered in either color or form. the format for the photos, the extra generous pass-partout is a delivery strategy of setting a large space for receiving the image with a bit of clear space to aid in the seeing of the image; to feel the image, instead of just looking at its subject

seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees robert irwin