magnus von plessen / on art
essay by jennifer higgie and a dialogue between the artist and a young boy / english / 60 pages / softcover / 21 x 27 cm / color illustrations / 18,00 / 2005 / isbn 88-9014575-7

the book presents the newest paintings from the berlin based artist whose artworks have recently been exhibited at the barbara gladstone gallery in new york and the chicago art institute.

everyday objects and scenes reflect a shadowy inner realm: isolated figures, architectural structures, water, empty rooms, a wooden horse or the occasional still life appear repeatedly. occasionally the paintings veer so close to a tough layaered abstraction that only their titles make clear their tenuous relationship to something you can touch jennifer higgie

what we see in paintings depends on what occupies our minds. . . .my imagination is as physical to me as my hands or other parts of my body, as physical as the chair on which i sit on or the plant i see in front of me magnus von plessen


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